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Are you feeling stressed or are you just very busy?

What is the difference and why is that important to your health?

Stress is a serious condition. The World Health Organization WHO estimates that stress will be the amongst the main causes of disease in 2020. Stress is not a disease, but long-term ongoing stress can increase the risk for health problems such as heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes and other illnesses including mental issues such as depression and anxiety.

Stress begins in the mind and eventually will express itself as physical, emotional and behavioural symptoms. Get to know your body’s stress signals, so you can react to them in due time.

You can make a difference! You are in charge of your life!

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Call or text +45 28517076 or mail info@stresstjek.nu

Where & how much

My office is in the heart of Copenhagen: Bredgade 30, 1260 København K.

Zoom session or walk ‘n’ talk are also options.

1 hour session DKK 900

Buy 5 x 1 hour sessions DKK 4.250

Buy 10 x 1 hour sessions DKK 8.250

1 hour session for students, unemployed or retirees DKK 700

Bring valid documentation to receive discount.

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About me

I have a degree in English and Psychology from the University of Copenhagen. I am a certified stress counselor, stress coach, ICC coach and cognitive mentor. I have lived in the United States for a decade in the cities of New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles and my work experience covers many different fields. I live in an old house in Copenhagen with my husband and our three children.